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We’re very much part of the legal industry and region that we’re passionate about. This is where you can find out more about events and webinars we’re holding, the work we’re doing and what is keeping us up at night.

COVID-19 & The Legal Profession: Watershed or False Dawn? - Alexander Studholme

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My Vision - Matthew Heywood

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Mashreq Construction Club Connect Series Webinar

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Our vision

Our vision for the firm can be summed up perfectly, now and forever, in these three simple words:

Dedicated: Our clients are always at the heart of our world, not numbers on a spreadsheet. We work hard to earn trust and loyalty. Above all, we stand shoulder to shoulder, always.

Distinctive: Our business has been designed to be different, optimised for the nascent challenges in legal services. It helps us stand out amongst our Big Law rivals.

Driven: Our resilience and determination can make all the difference. Our people are tireless, with the grit to finish the fight.

Whatever the ’new normal’ we share, I am committed to delivering levels of innovation, quality and service that clients have never experienced before.